Social Work Essay

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TASK 1.1 WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO? RESEARCH INTO SOCIAL WORK WHAT IS SOCIAL WORK AND WHAT IS A SOCIAL WORKER? Social work is a profession that is centred around people – from babies through to older people. The profession works to protect vulnerable people, enhance relationships and help families to stay together where possible and enable people to live fulfilled lives as independently as possible. The profession works closely with other professions such as education, health and probation services. Whereas professionals who work for the health profession work for the NHS, professionals working in social work are employed by adult or children’s services, which were formerly social services, under local government or in the voluntary or private sector. People working in social work may be based in councils visiting families in their homes, voluntary or charitable organisations, private organisations, schools, hospitals or other settings. Social workers work with individuals and families to help improve outcomes in their lives. This may be helping to protect vulnerable people from harm or abuse or supporting people to live independently. Social workers are trained and qualified with a Degree in Social Work, or a Diploma of Social Work (which now no longer exists, having been replaced by the degree). Social workers support people, act as advocates and direct people to the services they may require. Social workers often work in multi-disciplinary teams alongside health and education professionals. They have to be registered (with the General Social Care Council (England); the Care Council for Wales; the Northern Ireland Social Care Council or Scottish Social Services Council) and adhere to a professional code of practice. Those social workers who do not adhere to the codes of practice face a conduct hearing and could be struck off the register and not allowed to

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