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Social Work Essay

  • Submitted by: tgourdini
  • on May 3, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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I chose to become a social work for many different reasons. A social worker to me entails helping individuals, groups, or communities to enhance or restore their capacity for social functioning. I want to be able to help those in need. We live in a world where becoming a positive asset to your community is required in order to fully succeed in life. Not all are able to achieve this to their full their potential on their own yet. This is where I would like to step in and assist them in any way I can, so that they may succeed and become a positive attribute to their life but to others as well. It is important as a human being to help one another in times of hardship, to help those when life is not going as well as they would like it to or they cannot cope on their own. We were not made in this world to live alone and in isolation but to interact with other human beings. We cannot deal with hardships on our own and need people to help us through or just someone who is willing to lend an ear. Everyone deserves happiness and success. This is where I feel I can help those who may be struggling and have no one in their lives who are willing to help them or do not know how they can lend a hand.
As a child, the most important memories of my father where of the times when he would sit and talk to his patients about overcoming struggles, such as addictions in their lives. I remember seeing his patients come to our home to talk to him. He never once turned them away because he was off the clock. He knew by the look in their eyes that they needed his help and his time. I remember how calm and gentle he would be when it came to listening to his clients. He would sit across from his patient with a calm look on his face and just listen to what his patients had to say and he knew and somehow he knew what to say at the right time. He made it seem so easy that when his clients where done with their discussions, they would leave with a totally different look on their faces but also...

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