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Caroline’s Family; Social Work Intervention Caroline is a white British woman of 27 years of age. She has two children, daughter Tara aged 10 and son Justyn aged 7, who are both of mixed heritages. Tyrese, the children’s father left the family four years ago. The family has been referred to social services because of multiple problems which include, erratic school attendance by the children, racial harassment to the children by neighbours , financial problems, Caroline ‘s alcohol as well as smocking problem at the expense of her children and physical harm to Justyn by Caroline. The family has been referred to Social Services and I am the allocated social worker. Child protection procedures have been implemented and the family will need support and advice under section 17 of the children Act 1989, as the children are considered to be children in need. In working with Caroline’s family, I will be guided by the Practice guidance of assessing Children in need and their families (2000). The Assessment Framework triangle will be used to identify the needs of the family with the ultimate aim being to safeguard and promote welfare of the children .The following needs and problems have been identified, the children’s developmental needs are being affected by their erratic school attendance, the racial harassment they suffer at the hands of their neighbours and from Caroline. Caroline’s parental capacity is also a problem. The family and environmental factors affect the family as they do not have a family network. Poverty which can be blamed on structural factors and partly on Caroline’s drinking and smocking habits as well as poor financial management skills, needs to be addressed. The environment of the notorious council estate where the family lives is another source of poverty and is not good for the development of children. S17 of The CA 1989 imposes a duty

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