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Social Web INF103: Computer Literacy Social Web There are many ways we have communicated with each other over the years. Starting with sending telegrams, mail, telephone, e-mails, and coming to where we are now communicating with social networking online. Previous forms of communication did not provide enough information for you to have a full perception into that person’s life. Being able to socialize online has given people new ways to stay in touch with friends and loved ones. Using social networking sites the user is able to create a profile and post information about them and realize more about what type of person they are. Social web users can start becoming more inspired and engaging to others, share familiarities and convey who they are, while being cautious. Networking and socializing has been done for years through personal contact such as schools, communities, churches, work places, and sports or sporting events. Grouping people by interests so they can share different ideas in their subject matter is what networking revolves around. Many things that these groups come together for would be recipes, crafting, journaling, scrapbooking, or things like job leads. Now we have the internet giving us the ability to network and socialize at a much larger capacity internationally. Social networking has become so popular online because there are so many people looking to meet others for dating and games anywhere in the world that has internet connection. One advantage of using the internet for social networking is the vast database available to find lost friends and family. Being online gives you more opportunities to keep in touch with your friends and family, versus trying to keep that contact by phone, mail or e-mail. If someone you know were to move away you would still be able to keep in touch through networking. Social networking can

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