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Social Web Page 2 In today’s world it is important to understand that social networking web sites are used for communication, collaboration, and sharing of information the law’s ability to promote a just social order which can never be fully understood without taking account of the concurrent influence of these informal social practices. Whilst the fortunes of the internet’s commercial career have fluctuated, the legal issues surrounding internet business have always been founded on an essential need to safeguard the interests of all who use the medium. Most people use their computer at home and for internet access. The evidence suggests the PC is moving from the bedroom to the living room and it is gradually competing for attention with the television. Forecasts predict that half of all mobile users in Europe currently subscribe to a 3G service. Video downloading is expected to account for approximately one- third of the downloading market by mid 2011. By that year it is believed that Internet Protocol Television. (IPTV) revenues will rise to 6.4 billion dollars worldwide and there will be 36 million IPTV homes. Current analysis has revealed that following five years of double digit growth, the retail DVD market has tumbled into sharp decline in 2005 as consumers lost interest in collecting DVDs. Social web sites is all about communication people with common interests are able to share information with each via a huge variety of social networking sites, sites created specifically to make sharing, communicating and creating information as simple and efficient as possible. The history of social networking to 1985 to 2002 dominated by Compuserve, AOL and Yahoo in the current era web sites social websites include blogs, YouTube, MYSPACE, Facebook and Twitter. There have been eight predictions on where social webs may be

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