Social Studies Sba Essay

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Table of contents Acknowledgements 1 Instruction 2 Statement of the problem 3 Method of investigation 4 Instrument used to collect data 5 Procedures use to collect data 6 Presentation of data 7 Interpretation of data 8 Findings 9 Recommendations 10 Acknowledgments The successful complete of this study would not have been completed without the assistance and cooperation of a number of people. Researcher would like to thank the resident of Bee Hive for their support and Valuable time spent on answering and finishing the questionnaire given. Introduction Statement of the problem What are attitude of the residents of Bee Hive East Coast Demerara That family/victim that are living with teenager pregnancy Correction What are the attitude of residents in Bee Hive village towards pregnant teenager. Reasons for selecting the area of research In the researcher’s village it have been noted that many young girls are having unprotected sex and the consequence of this is teenage pregnancy. As a result of this the researcher will seek to determine: * What influence teenager in having unprotected sex? * How the young mother’s life can be affected?

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