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Social Status Essay

  • Submitted by: texasred2008
  • on February 11, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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Introduction to Sociology
Social Status                                                                                                            

            For many years there has been a unique type of woman. She will do anything to achieve a higher social status. Some may call her a society lady but those who know her would call her a hooker. Politicians and professional men are her targets and depending on the society spotlight they put her in they will also become her lovers.
As I read this article I was struck by how true it seems to be. In today’s society the people you know and are seen with can determine your social status. A social hooker doesn’t have to have money or an education, just know the proper way to look and behave. Many of today’s young ladies want to live the lifestyle of wealth and power but don’t necessarily want to take the time to earn it for themselves. These young ladies date certain men so they well are invited to the right social events and have her picture taken with the right people.
The author of this article says men are horny and if she is offering them sexual satisfaction then she should be entitled to get something in return. I feel the author makes men seem unable to control their libidos and that pretty women are here only to satisfy that need. Many young women today are under the belief that if they want this type of lifestyle then becoming a social hooker is the only way.
These women are able to attend most of the elite events in the higher social circles. They are seen at political fundraisers, movie premieres or sporting events.
In today’s world the focus is usually placed on whom you know or what you have so it shouldn’t be any surprise that the young people of today don’t see anything wrong with this type of life. If this is the life you choose then I hope all...

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