Social Stalker or Social Talker? Essay

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Social Talker or Social Stalker? Facebook, twitter, msn, MySpace are just a few of the social networking sites out there. Millions of people are on these sites. Many people don’t agree with these sites because they don’t think they’re safe. Many people just go on them for fun and to catch up with their friends. On man in Egypt thought Facebook was so amazing that he decided to name his daughter after the social networking site! I recently started to think about these social networking sites as there are so many news articles on them at the moment. Some people are becoming millionaires and making new friends while others are committing fraud and stalking people. Either way you look at it, social networking sites are very controversial in the modern day life. Social networking sites are a really good way to make new friends, or even keep in contact with the ones you already have. Firstly families emigrate all over the world, leaving family and friends behind. Social networking sites are a good way to keep in contact. Being free and easy to access, sites like Facebook, msn and MySpace are very common ways to keep in contact with people. Facebook claims that 50% of active users log into the sight each day. This would mean that at least 175 million users every 24 hours! However social networking sites can also be dangerous and addictive. Perhaps the biggest online social networking drawback is that it makes identity theft easier. Identity theft is a big problem in the UK. You many think that you’re talking to some harmless stranger but that can quickly change. As you get “to know” your unknown scammer and think their becoming the friend you can talk to and rely on. One day they might mysteriously ask for money or to meet up one day. Statistics prove that at least some cases of identity theft occur in which the thief and the victim are acquainted at least on a

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