Social Sensitively in Walker Brothers Cowboy

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Social Sensitively in “Walker Brothers Cowboy” In “Walker Brothers Cowboy,” Munro writes about a poor family. She never does come out and says or spells it out that they are poor; rather she seems to constantly hint at the family’s situation through the narrator’s description of the family doings and their relationships with the outside world. In the first paragraph of the story, the reader discovers that another school year is about to start, and the girl’s mother “has ripped up for this purpose an old suit and an old plaid wool dress of hers, and she has to cut and match very cleverly and also make me stand for endless fittings, sweaty, itching from the hot wool, ungrateful.” (Munro, 2510) The reader can comprehend that the girl is unhappy with the state of things and is just aware enough of the state of affairs. This comes to the conclusion that the family has lack of money; therefore the mother can not buy a dress, so she has to make one form scratch. The reader can also see that the family is poor in a different state of mind. The narrator’s family once owned a fox farm that once made them wealthy, but their sales than declined cause of the Great Depression. Furthermore, the father than works for a door-to-door salesman with Walker Brothers, which seems that he does not make as much than when he worked at his once owned fox farm. The conclusion of this short story seems to portray a poor family in a couple of aspects in their life; one being that the mother has to make some of the family’s clothing, and the other that the family had to give up the fox farm and go to another job that pays

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