Social Security: Saving For Retirement

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Saving for retirement is vital. Social Security will be insolvent for future needs COM/172 Planning for retirement is one of the most important endeavors that anyone can take on, yet so many people fail to make adequate preparations. Saving for retirement is vital. Social Security will be insolvent for future needs (, 2010). The details involved in this plan have numerous factors to consider when looking ahead to the time of retirement age. Social Security will not have the funds in place when future workers are ready for retirement. The Social Security Act was to ensure that there would be retirement funds when people reach retirement age. However, the Social Security Trust Fund is an antiquated set of records that need…show more content…
As time has shown, the Social Security Trust Funds has a mix of sellable and non-sellable securities. The procedures involving the Social Security program has not changed in any way shape or form from when they were activated in the original Social Security Act of 1935. The federal budgeting rules are in need of changes, on how the Social Security program is accounted for per the Semi-Annual Report, J.P. Morgan Money Market Funds, August 31, 2010…show more content…
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