Social Security Pros And Cons

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When I was still a boy growing up on the streets of Cleveland, the last thing on my mind was the need for a Social Security number. If you are like me, the number was received before the age of 16 so we could get a job. Our parents sometimes had to sign with us since we were under age for contracting. Today, most people born in this so-called great Republic is persuaded that they have to have that magic number at birth. Were any of us informed that by signing the form, we were giving up our status as a free American, protected under the so-called, Constitution of the so-called United States of America? Did they tell us that our other new citizenship status was a United States (U.S.) citizen, as if we were born or naturalized in Washington, D.C.? were we informed that we would receive instead privileges that looked like rights and that for the rest of our lives we would be beholden to the Federal government for everything including the right to live? Did they tell us that by voluntarily signing that Social Security contract that we were giving permission to the beautiful bureaucrats to have dominion over us through thousands of pages of Federal rules and regulations? Did they tell us that we were…voluntarily enslaving ourselves…again?…show more content…
Probably, the helpful smiling counter person gave us a few pamphlets telling us of the wonderful benefits that might be paid to us if we qualified for payments at retirement or if we were incapacitated somehow. Here is what we also get when we voluntarily apply for that Social Security number:\ 1. The privilege for all of their governments to tax us. 2. The privilege to be drafted into their army. 3. The privilege of having our possessions seized by
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