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Chapter One Clues It’s been three years since my father was killed on his hunting trip. My mom and I miss him so much. He was the glue that held us together, but since then we feel so hopeless. For the first two years after his death my mom was a nervous wreck. She stayed by herself a lot, wouldn’t go out nor speak to anyone besides me. Now, she’s a whole lot better and acts as if his death never affected her at all. I mean I could understand too if my husband of twenty-four years went on a hunting trip and was attacked by a bear. Well, at least that’s what the detectives said. They found him in pieces. Both his arms were torn off, his right leg and his upper body was separated from the lower. They also found a gunshot wound on his right leg. Two officers said that it was possible that he dropped his gun during the attack and the gun went off and shot him. Although their assumption was relatable at that time I’ve recently found it to be ridiculous seeing as though recently I’ve been finding clues that lead directly to a Decom brother and knowing his character I wouldn’t be surprised if he indeed planned my father’s death. Lucy Walcott and her husband Paul Walcott lived at Lucy’s parent’s home for nine years before moving to Decom Hills, a big village in California. Before moving they had a beautiful baby girl by the name of Kidiah, that’s me. After moving my father had a tough time finding a new job but he eventually found one. My father was such a hard, dedicated worker that he got promoted at least three times at the factory he worked at. He soon became the manager and we had a lot of money coming in. The owner of the factory was Steven Decom. He and my father were very close. Steven was the youngest son in the Decom family, he had four brothers. The oldest was Timothy, then came

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