Social Responsibility Essay

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Social responsibility plays an important role in a company’s success. It is imperative that a company chooses to conform to society’s view of social responsibility. Consumers choose to do business with companies that are environmentally friendly, give back to the community, and show a positive attitude toward social responsibility. How a company reacts to its roll as a team player in our society can impact whether or not it will achieve the success it strives to attain. All organizations have responsibility to its stakeholders (society, its customers, its employees, its shareholders, and its surrounding community). Knowing and understanding whom the stakeholders are in a company’s immediate environment and the ability to find alternatives that work for everyone are two important ideals that can be vital in creating a positive attitude toward social responsibility. Stakeholders are continuously affected by decisions the companies make. The stakeholders not only share in the economic goals of the company, but also lean toward helping the community by making social goals. Social responsibility has benefits which companies can enjoy such as, the opportunity to enhance brand image, positively boost their reputation, help the environment, and increase profit. Company Q has expressed a negative attitude toward social responsibility. They have violated all the rules regarding being a team player in its community. I think the most important choice Company Q can make at this time is to change its decision on helping the community. Deciding against donating day-old products to the local food bank has put a negative outlook on the company’s reputation. Consumers like to see a company give back to the community. Although the owner of the company feels that giving away day-old food will increase fraud and theft by it’s employees, the company has a great chance of

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