Social Responsibility Essay

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Intercontinental Hotels Group, Inc. (IHG) is the parent corporation for Intercontinental Hotels, Crown Plaza, Staybridge Suites, Indigo, Holiday Inn, and Holiday Inn Express. They offer financial incentives to franchisees on new construction of hotels if they are built with “green” in mind. IHG knows that hotels can contribute a lot waste to the environment. They want to help reduce the ecological footprint from their hotels. To help reduce energy costs the hotels are allowed to install solar panels for supplemental electricity on the roof. The solar panels are also used to aid in heating water for the guests. To aid in reducing heating and air conditioning expenses, hotels are allowed/encouraged to plant grass and/or vegetable gardens on their roofs also. In some locations the hotels are allowed to grow vegetation/vines on the outside to the hotel. Low E, argon filled, tinted windows also help reduce energy costs. Inside the hotel they are allowed to use gray water (water from bathroom sinks, showers, and tubs and washing machines) for irrigation of the lawns on the property. The drain pipes are connected to holding tanks and then piped to underground leech fields for the lawns. During low occupancy periods, hotels are encouraged to remove a floor from the computer inventory and close it down from use. We did this during the winter months. Since our hotel had rooms on 6 floors we were able to remove 20 rooms or one entire floor from our inventory. The thermostats would be turned down, refrigerators opened and unplugged, and the rest of the power shut off. An added benefit was that housekeeping was able to give the off market rooms a deep cleaning prior to them being sold again. The guests are also encouraged to assist in reducing the ecological footprint by reducing their towel and linen usage. Placards are placed in the rooms advising guest that if they want

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