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Chapter 14 Social Psychology The objectives of chapter 14 focused on discussing how stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination differed. It also explained why we are attracted to certain people and what progression do social relationships follow. Lastly, it asked the question, what are the major sources and tactics of social influence? Reading this chapter gave me a lot of great information about the social aspects of psychology, and why we act a certain way around people. My favorite piece of information taken from this chapter was when it spoke about understanding others. The textbook stated that people have highly developed schemas which are sets of cognitions about people and social experiences. It also stated that we hold schemas for different type of people. For example, when a person thinks or see a teacher they think of certain characteristics such as, knowledge, desire, and awareness. The part of the chapter that I didn’t prefer was when it talked about discrimination and prejudice. The book stated that stereotypes have little to no evidence and can have harmful evidence. I agree that stereotypes and be negative when taken out of context but, most of the time the reason we have these types of stereotypes is because of how a certain group of people act. That does not mean that everyone falls into the same category, but most can. I did not agree with the personality test and how it can gage a person’s prejudice or discrimination level. People fool these types of tests all the time and what if a person did not understand how to take the test. They can be labeled or think that they are a certain way and it can be false. It stated that the results of the IAT show that almost 90% of test-takers have an implicit pro white bias, and more than two-thirds of non-Arab, non-Muslim volunteers displays implicit biases against Arab Muslims. It

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