Social Psychology Definitions Psy 400 Essay

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A psychologist by the name of Gordon Allport once stated that social psychology is a field that utilizes scientific methods "to understand and explain how the thought, feeling and behavior of individuals are influenced by the actual, imagined or implied presence of other human beings." ( ) Social psychology’s main emphasis is how human beings interact with the world and everything within the world. Social psychology tends to be put up next to sociology; however the two take a look at individuals in two different lights. Sociology looks at the broader version of people and their environment where as a social psychologist looks at the individual reactions to a particular situation in an environment. Social psychologists wonder why people behave the way that they do as do most psychologists, but the main difference between social psychology and other practices of psychology is that social psychologists focus on individual as appose to a group dynamic. Where a clinical psychologist might focus on research to diagnose someone with a mental or emotional illness, a social psychologist focuses more on the social aspect of an individual. Psychologists in this area have a broad spectrum in the work field as to what they can do as a career as social psychology has a vast array of studies within it. Social psychology paints a clearer picture of specific subjects and how they interact while psychologists in some of the other areas of psychology might focus more on behavior in a group setting. A great example of a situation that happens more often than not is perhaps the classic example of behavior within a business. An individual may perform one way while no one is around, however when the top boss shows up that same individual might step up their game and become a person who goes over the top to show that they are worthy of their job position. Although it does say
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