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Social Psychology Chapter 14 Tana Denno Everest University July 1, 2012 Synopsis In chapter 14, Social Psychology, I learned that social psychology influences our thoughts, feeling and actions are influenced by others. Our attitude influences us on topics such as discrimination, habits and how we treat others. There are several factors to social psychology, social influences, how we perceive things and conform to situations plays a large role in it. The chapter goes into influences and groups, as well as prejudice and discrimination; it also covers positive and negative social behavior. What I Liked About the Chapter I enjoyed reading how personalities of individuals play a role in how they react to situations and deal with their emotions. I also found cognitive dissonance to be very interesting as well I didn’t know that holding two contradictory ideas or thoughts is how cognitive dissonance is determined. There were many interesting sections in the chapter, social behavior hit very close to home with me, as I watch quite a few young people that I know try to fit in with certain groups that they wouldn’t normally hang out with but want to fit into the clique. What I Didn’t Like About the Chapter I didn’t like the prejudice and discrimination portion of the chapter, I’m not prejudice and I don’t discriminate against anyone, I don’t like reading or hearing news reports on it either. I was raised that you treat everyone equally, no matter of sex, age, race or handicaps, that was the number one rule in our house as my mother worked with mentally handicapped people and it gave me understanding of them as I grew up, I knew they were different from me but would never tease them or degrade them because of it. When I drove school but I drove many special education runs, I loved those kids the most they were so appreciative and pleasant to be around.

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