Social Psychology and Multicultural Psychology Paper

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Social Psychology and Multicultural Psychology Paper Psych 620 Dr. Teresa Neal Michelle Willis June 9, 2014 “If you put good apples into a bad situation, you’ll get bad apples.” ― Philip G. Zimbardo (Goodreads, 2009). This paper will look at two branches of psychology and cover four points of interests. The first point will be to define social psychology. The second point is to give two research strategies and examples in social psychology. The third point will be to define multicultural psychology. The last point will be to explain how social and multicultural psychology are related, and how they are separate distinct fields of study. Aristotle believed that humans were naturally sociable, which was a necessity that allows us to live together, while Plato felt that the state controlled the individual and encouraged social responsibility through social context (McLeod, 2007). Social psychology is the scientific attempt to explain how the feelings, thoughts, and behaviors of individuals can be influenced by the actual, imagined, or the implied presence of other human beings (Fiske, 2010). Studying Social Psychology can help us to understand why a person acts completely different in certain situations. There are at least three research strategies in Social Psychology. There will be two discussed, which are correlational and experimental. Correlational research is when a researcher will investigate to see how changes in one variable are related to the changes in another variable (McLeod, 2007). An example would be to look at people that consider themselves unattractive to whether they think they have any persuasion over people in their life. Experimental research is similar to correlational because it compares two variables. But, unlike correlational the experimenter actually
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