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Social Psychology Essay

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  • on April 22, 2011
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Sociology Final Exam

Psy 1017
Professor: David Ortiz
December 18, 2010

Part I

      Psychological Social Psychologies (PSP) goal is to acquire an obvious response. PSP takes on the approach of laboratory experiments and provides special focus on the individual. These experiments are controlled, and variable in the experiment can be manipulated as well as isolated.
      One advantage of PSP is psychologist can observe individual human behavior and come up with data on what stimulates human behavior. Another advantage of PSP is that these experiments are controlled. This ‘control’ over variables permits clear testing. There are well planned experiments.
      One disadvantage of PSP is, there is not a specific variable for subjects behavior planned by the experimenter planned for manipulation. Another disadvantages is that when people know they are being observed, they behave differently-Hawthorne Effect. (although can be an advantage.) It can also be a disadvantage if any of the subjects go above and beyond what the experimenter is seeking.
      Sociological Social Psychologies (SSP) goal is to acquire a natural response. SSP takes on the approach by focusing on Group/Institution experiments done in a field setting with no interference. The people whom take part in these experiments do not know they are being observed. Roles are expected patterns of behavior applying to subjects position in the group. Norms are the patterns of thought and behavior of subjects in a social setting.
      An advantage of SSP is these experiments can clarify the nature of social facilitaion.
      A disadvantage of SSP is, expected patterns in a group or social setting can change. Behavior or subject is affected by the entire setting of their behavior and not just a specific variable planned by the experimenter for manipulation. Another disadvantage is humans behave differently when other people are around them compared to when they are alone, although...

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