Social Psychology Essay

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Tyra Clayton 2/4/2013 Sociology 210 Richard Coulter Social Location Throughout history I know as a young African American female, society and its changes has come a long way for me. During the fifties and sixties many African American women had no choice but to have jobs as maids and servers. They were not allowed to receive any education; they had limited skills, basically they weren’t allowed to have a back bone. With this being said as a young woman I have come across so many obstacles and as I get older and experience life more, there will be many more that I will encounter. There have also been obstacles that I have overcome and not let settle upon me. Some encounters that I came across are discrimination against my ethnicity background, my financial status and my education. These factors and many more have influenced my life and social location. They are allowing me to be more mindful and observable of things. It has strengthened my knowledge to keep moving forward and to allow no one to stop me. One thing I can say that is different from back in history from today is I have a choice to stand up for what I believe and I have the will to make any decisions for myself. Being discriminated against is not fun, I here all the time about so many stereotypes against young African American women. Examples include welfare mothers who have a lot of children out of wed lock, lazy, man lovers; they care more about their man than they self. A couple of time I would take my 3 year old nephew out in public with me and people would automatically assume he was my child. Anyone could look at me and can see that I am really young, but this is because of the stereotypes that have risen. Another encounter that I came across happened at Myrtle Beach. My family and I went to the hotel pool to swim a bit and we were the only people there that were African American. As soon as

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