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Social Psychology Essay

  • Submitted by: douglass
  • on May 16, 2012
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Social Psychology
Social Psychology is a relatively new area in psychology. The first known experiments that pertained to social psychology happened 114 years ago in 1898. A couple of years later in 1900 the first texts began to appear. Social psychology began to gain momentum as a field of research in the 1930s and by World War II was a viable area of interest, which continues presently (Myers, 2010). Social psychology progresses away from other perspectives such as broad-spectrum psychology, clinical psychology, and sociology because the field focuses not as much on individualistic differentiation but rather on how individuals generally view and affect one another (Myers, 2010). Social Psychology uses scientific research methods that help psychologists understand how individuals see and have an effect on one another. Social psychology is the methodical study of how people think in relation to each other and relate to one another from a social perspective psychologically.
Social psychologies simplest definition is how people influence, relate, think about, and associate to one another. People interact on many levels socially. Each of these social interactions identifies people in certain ways. People distinguish themselves and others in certain ways socially. The ways people think and believe are associated socially. The decisions and opinions people have are socially inclined. The manners people behave and relate to one another are motivated socially. How people see each other and themselves intrinsically and extrinsically are connected socially (Myers, 2010).
People have social principles, which influence them. Culture, religion, community, and certain crowds of people influence individuals socially. Certain social values and beliefs stress conformity and obedience to ideologies’ within a society. Social influences persuade people to behave and interact with others a specific manner (Myers, 2010).
Another important aspect of social psychology is how...

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