Social Pscychology Assessment

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Social Psychology Assessment Section A 1) Describe how the sample was recruited in Reicher and Haslam’s prison study The sample was obtained from an advert for male volunteers in the national press and leaflets. The advert included the warning that there would be hunger and hardship. A Full weekend assessment was carried about by independent clinical psychologists which included psychometric tests that measured social and clinical variables such as depression and dominance. Medical and character references were obtained and police checks were conducted. 2a) Describe one way the researchers tried to ensure ethical guidelines were upheld One way in which the researchers tried to ensure ethical guidelines were upheld was by having two independent clinical psychologists monitoring the study throughout and had the right to see any participant or demand a participant be removed from the study at any time. 2b) Outline one reason why stress or psychological harm is an ethical concern in this study As the participants are put in an unusual artificial situation it was not possible to predict how each individual would react and how much stress they would undergo. As one of the ethical guidelines is protection from physical/emotional harm, this may have been broken if things in the prison got out of control i.e. some dominant prisoners such as Petkin or Edwards intimidating other people. 3) From Reicher and Haslams BBC prison study, describe the prison environment created for this study Prisoners were allocated to lockable 3-person cells. These and the showers were located off a central atrium where the prisoners ate meals and did chores. This was separated by a lockable steel mesh fence from the guards section which included their bathroom, dormitory and sitting area. This separation caused a physical divide between prisoners and guards which turned into a social

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