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Social Problems in Societies Name Institution Affiliation Course Date of Submission Introduction Social problems do have an impact to all categories of a society be it isolated, vast or small, and sparingly populated. Social problems, also referred to as social issues, and defined as the belief condition, by which a particular condition in the society, has adverse negative impacts that ill the society. These problems may be affecting an individual or a group of a particular population, but it is in essence a social issue within a society (Mooney, Knox, & Schacht, 2008). The social issues a society faces vary from one particular society to another, but some issues are predominant in most social settings. The dominant problems that do associate with a majority of societies are poverty, prostitution, environmental pollution, and gender discrimination (Social Problems). There are other social issues that do vary in respect to their moral values and ethics among different societies. Poverty is major dominant issues in many societies. However, the impact of these issues varies from one society to another with regards to the level of affordability of basic human needs (Mooney, Knox, & Schacht, 2008). Economic hardships are sinking the cost of living of many people forcing them to live in deplorable conditions such as to live in slums, as the cost of livelihood increases (Social Problems). Poverty experiences are more felt in undeveloped nations than the developed nations, and this condition of poverty leads to the likelihood of suffering from healthcare issues and starvation. This eventually results to engagement of criminal behavior whose main aim is to cater for daily requirements of individuals and groups. Poverty issue is critical, and this calls for the need to address the situation for success in human development. The concept of globalization has made

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