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Social Problems In todays society we are faced with many problems that affect us as as a whole. We are faced with issues such as crime, poverty, lack of medical health, violence, drug abuse and many other behaviors or situations that we commonly think as social problems that usually isolate us from the social life. Children under 18 years of age are faced with violence, drug abuse, medical problems do to parents not able to afford food or able to afford medical expensives. This is something that children should not be faced with, they should be able to focus on school and their academics not worrying about making money to be able to support themselves. The social problems society faces are do to the lack of jobs, the lack of medical health for those in major need, the abuse some people get do to race all these problems that we are aware off but yet to do anything to make a change or difference on our society for a better life for every individual in it. The social problem related to health care became especially acute in the mid- 1980's with the spread of AIDS a virus that attacks the body immune system. AIDS is a global epidemic that many people have died from in the United States deaths from AIDS have decrease dramatically due primaryly to expensive drug treatments. Unfortunately some people are un able to afford such treatment and die slowly because untreated it is very sad how the system of hospitals and physicians work, people from lower class (poor people) get less medical care because they can not afford such bills, some physians simply give up on patients because they are not able to pay or afford treatments, medications or just any hospital expensives therefore physicians do the least for those patients who they think have no hope. “Clearly, AIDS is a great deal more than a serious illness. It can in fact, be viewed as three epidemics rolled into

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