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Social Problem Teenagers Face Essay

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  • on April 2, 2013
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(Social Problems Teenagers this Era Face)
Host: Greeting viewers! Welcome to M.Y show! I am Elanore Rosavelle, your host for today. At the outset, I shall introduce the guests. This charmer on my right is Dr. Poopy Pants Patoonia. He is a qualified counselor.
Dr. Pi: Hello everybody! Call me Doctor Pi.
Host: Will do. Beside him is the elegant Principal of Prodion Jade High School, Miss Marilyn Monsuri.
Principal: A blissful morning to all of you. Suri means rose in French. So just call me that.
Host: On my right. This husky man is Inspector Farouq Syaqir, the well-known 5th rank inspector.
Inspector: Nice to meet all of you. Well, you can call me…something that has to do with my name.
Host: Alright then. Today, our discussion will be about ‘Social Problems Faced by Teenagers in this Era’. Miss Rose, could you please tell us the varying social problems teenagers face? Ones that you have confronted if not first, second hand.
Principal: Yes, don’t get me wrong. My school is very fine and students there are thought to be prim and proper. There is just a handful that needs a full handprint on their cheek.
Inspector: Tell me about it.
Principal: I am about to. Don’t rush me. A fortnight ago, I deliberately went early to school for I had work to attend to. Even though the guard and I were the only people there, I could hear a terrifying noise gradually getting louder as I walked up the stairs. It was like someone crying similar to the ones in horror movies. What would you do if you were me at that moment?
Dr. Pi: Oh my goodness. What did you do?
Principal: (shows hand) I then said my prayers, pushed my shin up and walked towards the noise. A good captain sinks with his ship. When I reached the source, I realized it was a prefect with a bleeding lip and bruises. He looked frightened as he crouched to a corner when he saw me. I could see cigarette buds everywhere too. I could already guess what had happened
Inspector: I remember this case.

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