Social Policy - Housing Essay

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It remains the case that Black and Minority Ethnic tenants are generally living in poorer quality housing in relation to their needs. This assignment will critically examine the history of housing policies in Britain and the implication of policies on Black and Minority Ethnic groups in their various communities. The assignment will also show how a broader understanding of different minority groups can help social work students achieve the goals set out in Key Role 1: Prepare for and work with individuals, families, groups and communities to assess their needs and circumstances. Industrialisation in major cities such as Birmingham and London led to more people settling in the urban areas from the countryside. This led to overcrowding in urban areas and by the end of the 19th century, the government realised a need to take action and supply houses for the working class. In 1919 subsidies for council housing were introduced to enable the council to build affordable housing (Malpass and Murie, 1999). These houses were, however, often provided poor quality accommodation and were allocated on the basis of gender, class and ethnicity (Alcock et al, 2002). Recent years have seen a shift from public housing to more privatised forms of provision such as housing associations (Knox and Pinch, 2000). Over the past 20 years housing associations have taken over the role of providing social housing. They are mainly regulated by the government and funded through public and private funding (Alcock et al, 2002). The Housing Act 1980 introduced the RTB scheme to enable council tenants to purchase their houses for a reduced price. The policy enabled the government to cut
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