Social Perspective For Health And Social Care Essay

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SOCIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE FOR HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE BY: EMMANUELLA TRACY ACQUAH SOCIAL STRATIFICATION: this is a term used by sociologists and borrowed from geology. In geology the term “strata” refers to the different layers of rock laid on top of each other. However in sociology the term is used to describe the hierarchies in the society, highlighting the fact a group of people in the society are seen as having higher status than others. People who are seen as having higher status are often wealthier and have easier access to the possessions and way of the most valued in that society. Almost all societies have some form of stratification. In African countries following colonisation and in America before the Civil War, groupings were based on their race. Black communities had far less social status than the white communities. In India, the Hindu caste system has five clearly defined social statuses into which people are born into: • Brahmins: this is the highest caste, and it’s made of the priests •…show more content…
They argued that people 9in the lower social class had a higher population of older people and people working in dangerous industries and others are working in a more traditionally will be expected to have higher levels of illness than the more younger, prosperous working in call centres offices and other service industries. This explanation suggests that it is the social class but the age structure and patterns of employment of the people in the lower social classes that really explains the differences. Furthermore recent studies have shown that even the researcher account for this bias in employment and age, they still have to find a link between higher and lower social class level of illness and the lower life
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