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In the article “What’s Wrong with Me” by Eddie Diamond it is a story about himself of how he struggles in society of being the social outcast. He has always been the social outcast and he goes through many hardships along the way. The reading is one that everyone can relate to, because at one time or another you have felt like the social outcast. Eddie examines his adolescents years as the struggles of being the social outcast. The main question that we ask ourselves is how does one become the social outcast? Well the answer isn’t all that simple. It can because of a physical/mental defect, or just because of the way you carry yourself. In Eddie’s case he was a socially outcast the age of 11 and still to this day he struggles with it. He became the social outcast because he had a friend who was an outcast from everyone else as well. This friend was shunned from any social involvement in school because he ate egg sandwiches and this in result gave the kid a bad odor. From there Eddie was then put into the same category as his friend and then struggled to make friends. This then led Eddie to exclude himself from the common social settings and to sit and sulk in his room. As Eddie grew older and High School was around the corner, he was then set with another hardship of starting fresh. He moved to another school district which was a small tight knit community that already had their social hierarchy in place. Eddie was classified as the “new kid” in school, and was shunned. Eddie then became very fond of just going to school and going right home and not trying to socialize with anyone. He then did not apply himself to school, and his grades plummeted. Not everyone goes through such a dramatic series of events that would cause them to be so socially inept. Now that Eddie was finally out of school and in the workforce he then came to the wise decision he did

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