Social Organized Crime Perspective Paper

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Social Organized Crime Perspective Paper Social Organized Crime Perspective Paper . According to (Mallory, 2007), social institution as it applies to organized crime is “that combination of social units and systems which perform the major social functions having locality relevance” (Mallory, 2007). Reason it applies to organized crime are for two different reasons and those being that first it recognizes the social activities and the community organization and not the legal or geographic boundaries and second is it the locality relevance of community with a set of access points (Mallory, 2007). In other terms, social institution is the community in which organized crime takes place. The communities involvement with organized crime depends on the social institution in which the community is aware of the social activities which takes place in a community and does not use the geographic or legal boundaries instead there are access points where the organized crime takes place (Mallory, 2007). Five major community functions having relevance they are socialization, production-distribution-consumption, social control, mutual support, and social participation. Alien theory applies to organized crime this theory starts with the Sicilian Mafia and how the immigrants migrated to the United States. Once the immigrants came to the United States, the Russian Mafia established operations of organized crime. The alien theory states many organized crime groups organize themselves around ethnicity (Mallory, 2007). This theory has no explanation of the rise of other organized groups such as African American organized crime groups or motorcycle organized crime groups. This type of theory is speculative because there the facts do not show why the criminal behavior takes place with the immigrants. The social control theory focuses on organized crime and criminal behavior
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