Social Norms Essay

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A social norm is the “rules” or expectations, for appropriate behavior in a particular social situation (Hockenbury). The social norms for men and women vary from each gender. A social norm for a woman would be dressing modestly when going to work, for a man it would be providing for his family financially. For example, when walking into a building you expect the person in front of you to hold the door open, it has become a social norm to hold the door open for someone. Throughout the years the roles of each gender have greatly changed. When going on a date the man is usually expected to pay, however this has began to change, many feel that the man does not always have to pay because of how the role of women has changed. Many years ago the social norm for women was to stay home and have children. They were also expected to cook for their family and to clean their house. Men on the other hand were expected to leave early in the morning and work until sundown. Women never worked back in the day and obviously that has greatly changed. Women have come very far in the world of social norms. Today women are just as important as men in the working world; their jobs are just as important. Therefore the traditional gender roles are always changing as the world progresses. Gender roles are the behaviors, attitudes, and personality traits that are designated as either masculine or feminine in a given culture (Hockenbury). In the American culture women are typically expected to cook and take care of the children, even though this has changed a great deal it is still a perception that people see. The different social norms for men and women impact the traditional gender roles. Works Cited Hockenbury, Don H. Intro to Psychology I/II. New York: Worth Custom, 2013.

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