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social norms Essay

  • Submitted by: alex101
  • on March 16, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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Maintaining social norm is a subconscious goal of everybody in the world. Every
person’s character is judged on how well they can understand and follow the rules of
engagement of every social situation that they find themselves in. Breaking the norm can result
in a variety of emotions and actions upon the breaker of the norm.
Respect thy neighbor. It has been a social norm ever since people decided to stop
running around killing each other, and to settle down in groups. Who would you not want to
respect your neighbor, he lives next to you, and you see him almost every day. When looking
past the individual, you see the community, and in the community, you and your neighbor are
Apartment buildings put a whole new twist on respecting your neighbor. Your neighbor
is no longer the person living in the house on the left and the house of the right of you, but
now, all the inhabitants of your building are your neighbors. With all these neighbors, you now
have a whole list of social norms that you have to follow. The heart-less hellos and good byes,
holding doors open, accepting packages, and of course the rules of the elevator.
It has happened to everyone, you come in to a building, walk towards the elevator and
you see a person standing there. The two of you make eye contact, and then the elevator door
opens. The person gets in, you start walking faster expecting to catch the ride up, but by the
time you get there, the door is closed and all you can think is “what the hell?”
I have been on both sides of the elevator door but never really thought about the other
person, so this is what I wanted to observe. I implemented the help of a friend in this
experiment. My friend would keep the elevator in the basement until people started walking
towards that way. He would then either make eye contact or greet them, somehow
acknowledge their existence, then get in the elevator and quickly close the door. I would
remain downstairs,...

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