Social Norm Essay

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It was a rainy, gloomy sunday morning in late September and I decided to do some shopping at the local walmart about 6 miles from my hometown. I pulled into the parking lot to park my car and to my surprise the parking lot didnt look to busy for a sunday morning. I get out of my car and was thinking about grabbing a cart from one of the cart holders but they was wet so I proceeded into the grocery side of the store to get a grocery cart. Today, however wasn't going to be a normal shopping trip, I was doing a sociology project on social norms and the idea would be to approach customers and shop out of their carts rather than be "normal" and shop from the store shelfs. After getting my cart, I head towards the pharmacy, which is nearly next to the door I came into. The first woman I approach is an older lady in her late 60's. She is wearing glasses and has an older gentleman about the same age with her. I believe it is her husband. I approach her cart and I see that she has a gallon of milk, toilet paper, a box of trash bags, and some prescriptions she just picked up from the pharmacy. She is currently looking at the hair dye products. She has a box of brown hair dye in her hand and is reading the back of the box. The older gentleman is just looking around patiently waiting for her the older woman to make her decision on the hair dye. I approach their cart and as she turns around to look at me I reach into her cart and grab the gallon of milk and place it into my cart. She looks at me in utter amazement and the gentleman is looking at the older woman with a "what just happened" look on his face. Needless to say, I left them both speechless. I turn to the older woman and tell her "thank you so much, this is just what I needed". I continue pushing my cart down the aisle and I can hear her muttering to her husband "how rude is that?" "Why wouldn't she just go over and

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