Social Networks Are Doing More Harm Than Good.

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The emergence of Facebook, Twitter and mxit is doing more harm than good in our lives. We have recently overestimated the value of these social networks in schools and education as a whole, and we end up forgetting that these social sites are great in augmenting education and not replacing current education system. The privacy of users in these social networks is not guaranteed and that could destroy your future depending on your digital footprint. And lastly they have negative impact in our traditional ways of having conversation and communicating. We overestimate the importance of these social networks in education and turns to forget that they are just resources that are there to augment education not replace our already suffering education system. Education institution spends millions on these sites to make sure that they are in constant touch with students. But these networks have appeared to be having opposite effect on people they are supposed to help. As a student myself I don’t find it comfortable to learn with my lecturers on my shoulders, infect I see it as intrusion of my private space. Finally, social networks are designed more on private family basis hence the photo, short messages and links sharing. While we still on file sharing, this social networks do not guarantee privacy as they always claim. The more time you spend on Facebook the greater digital footprint you accumulate. Forget about the privacy, I deleted it or I’m sure my account is secure everything you say or post on Facebook, twitter or mxit can be used against you, because it is recorded in their database. In other words no matter how you regret your previous posts your future employer can still view them. We really need to be more careful about things we say and post in our digital world. It is said that social networks such as Facebook, twitter and mxit exposes us to diverse range of
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