Social Networks Essay

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According to the dictionary, social networks are social structures made of nodes that are generally individuals or organizations (What). A social network represents relationship that flows between people, groups, organizations, animals, computers or others. Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter are the most popular of thousands social networks sites that have made the world integrate them into their daily practices. If people are not careful, our online interactions can hurt our real-life relationships. Although social networks enhance our global connections, these networks tend to lessen personal interactions. Social networks existed since the late 1970s when Bulleting Board systems were founded (private networks).The development of social networks on the web emerged when people wanted to reconnect with lost school friends or far away relatives. Then it expanded when people started sharing music, videos and any portion of ethnicity and life interests. Today, 91 percent of the teenagers say that they use social networks to stay in contact with people they see often and 82 percent of the teenagers say the use it mainly for the ones they are very far away from (Are). Facebook is the number two most trafficked sites in the whole internet, behind only Google. It seems to be getting closer than ever I domination, 44% of the popularity visits Facebook often, 29% visits Twitter, 18% visits Yahoo, and 9% visits MySpace(Statistics) between those four social networking sites, Facebook, MySpace, Jarrin 2 Twitter and Yahoo, no one is superior than the other. Every single one of them has its advantages and disadvantages and will tend to appeal more different kind of people and what they prefer. One of the most important aspects of social networking is that it can

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