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Social Networking Sites The Internet and technology is growing bigger and bigger every day and before we know it technology is going to pass us by. With the invention of the Internet and Social Networks, the possibilities are endless. Social networking sites provide us the opportunity to explore the whole world, make friends, and share moments with the rest of the world through the Internet. Everyday more and more people become part of the different social networking sites available now, like Facebook or Twitter. The use of social networking sites is changing our society and the way people do and see things. Certainly, social networking sites have had a great impact on the way people interact and communicate with each other. One great impact that social networking has had in our society is that it allows people to interact with an unlimited number of people. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are populated with hundreds of millions of users from all over the world. This gives people who are part of the different social networks not only the possibility to interact with a great number of people, but also the possibility to interact with people of different cultures and societies from around the world. We are no longer restricted to or rely on people in our neighborhood, church, or workplace to provide the interaction we desire. Interacting with people from different cultures helps people know more about what is happening around the world. In addition, social networking sites allow people to share their ideas, thoughts, and experiences with more people than just close friends. They make it easier for people to make positive connections with people with similar interest and goals, which can help them build strong relationships between them. Also, social networking sites allow people to exchange their different points of view, which can help them expand their

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