Social Networking Today Essay

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Social Networking Today What is social networking? Social networking is an online service that concentrates on social relations among people. It almost becomes essential element in the current world as if it is water and air. Imagine fifty years ago when people didn’t even have Internet or personal computers. People were living fine. Is it really crucial to have social networking in today’s world? It is true that social networking brings people closer, but with over sharing and scams. I think we are relying on social networking too much. In the article “Grief in the Age of Facebook” the author Elizabeth Stone emphasizes that Facebook bring people together (292-294). I agree with Stone. In today’s world social networking become inevitable. Each day, more and more people are joining site such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. However, if you do not you might feel left out because everyone else is doing it. On the other hand, it allows you to connect to people with the same interest that have registered. Social networking can reconnect with an old friend or relatives. For example, few months ago at home I was trying to keep in touch with my friend Rigo, but I did not have his phone number or e-mail. The first thing I did was search on Facebook. Because nowadays most everyone use some sort of social networking service, and the most popular one is Facebook. With social networking I was able to communicate with Rigo. In the next few months I also manage to keep in touch with more old friends and relatives. I would not be surprised in the future one would born with a social networking account. In the essay “Growing older in the Digital Age: An Exercise in Egotism” the author Brent Baughman suggests, “The modern birthday is a fantasy of attention” (286). Social networking entices and captive people to spend more time online and less time communicate face to face. On a
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