“Social Networking: the Face-Off” Essay

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For quite some time, the talk has been that social networking is viewed as unnecessary. Social networking seems uncalled for by others, yet over the years it has become more prevalent. In today’s society, many people have chosen to become more involved with online interaction whether it was personal or business. The problem lies in the difference of social networking being considered a friend or a foe. How is it beneficial to today’s way in life? Do these networks entitle privacy? Why/Why not? Is social networking safe?With much With much deliberation, this topic has become a very interesting argument.What people must understand is that social networking should not just be seen as an enemy but should be more focused on how it can also be a person’s best friend as well with communication/interaction. It is given in Clive Thompson’s, “I’m So Totally, Digitally, Close to You,” that “people are so often changed by the use of technology”(Thompson-p.168-177). It is an effective means of communication. It Earley 2 is fast, quick, and easy. Communication is really the key amongst all things such as relationships, school, friends, and etc. It helps you stay connected and involved within others lives and lifestyles.In Thompson’s essay, “He claims that relationships can function through these networking sites and others that are similar because they provide anyone with so much information about another friend/person” (Thompson-p.168-177). Also, social networking has made people more aware about what goes on around in other parts of the world as well. For example, Amber Alert is a life-saving communication service. Does it not only go globally on national television, but also spreads worldwide on major social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. As said in Christy Millweard’s article, “Amber Alerts and Social Media Help Bring Missing Children Home,” “Cape
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