Social Networking Good for Society

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IS SOCIAL NETWORKING GOOD FOR SOCIETY? Is Social Networking Good for Society? Social networking today is a requirement of our fast and advanced technological society. As America has moved deeper into the information age, Social Networking has provided an outlet for everyone to access information with incredible speed. While it has its cost to society, the positive impact it provides as a whole is worth any negative impact. Social Networking has changed the face of how the world receives, transmits, and interprets information. Social Networking is wonderful for society because it is the best media for moving vital information, contributes to a solid economy, enables global communication with those with like interests, assists law enforcement fight and prosecute criminals, and last but not least allows educators to enhance their ability to teach as well as learn on a worldwide scale. In a day and age where information travels at light speed, social media is the most effective way to get breaking news to people. Information today travels in real time to our mobile devices, through popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Recently, CNN reported, “during the July 20, 2012 shooting in Aurora, CO, YouTube and Twitter users had reported the shooting before news crews could arrive” (Sutter 2012). The same report went on to state “The Red Cross urged people to use Social Media to tell their friends and relatives that they were safe” (Sutter, 2012). No other form of communication has the ability to move information to people that matter in your life, than Social Networking. Pundits to Social Media sites will argue that it allows the spread of unreliable and false information on a widespread scale. However, evaluating information as truthful or not is not limited to social media nor is it something new. Everything in books, on television, or
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