Social Networking Facebook Essay

1623 Words7 Pages The social networking site known as Facebook has become increasingly more popular since it was first started. People of all ages have created their own Facebook pages and use them for many different reasons. Social networking in general has become widely used, and Facebook is just another easy way to engage in this activity. Anyone can figure out how to use Facebook and you can access it in many different ways. Facebook can also be efficiently used as a way of promoting businesses and staying in touch with long distance family and friends. The fact that everyone seems to have a Facebook is another reason it’s so incredibly popular. People certainly feel the need to fit in with the latest trends! Let’s examine all of these reasons that have helped Facebook’s popularity increase over the years. Anywhere you go and everywhere you turn people are on their phones, laptops, tablets, and Blackberry’s. The list goes on and on about the new technologies of the 21st century. The great thing is that they are so easy to get ahold of. There are ten year olds with IPhones and teachers using Ipads in class to do assignments. Having these useful technologies right at our fingertips makes social networking so simple. What do most teens do when they get bored? Reading a book is definitely not the answer these days. It’s get on Facebook, post a picture to Facebook, or find out who’s on chat on Facebook. Facebook is the answer for most teenage problems. It cures boredom and starts drama, but it’s so easy to get to, so why not take advantage of it? Due to Facebook, staying in contact with people is easier than ever! If a person has a husband in Iran, or old friend from high school who moved far away, Facebook can help you keep in contact with them by getting on your phone and
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