Social Networking: Children Playing With Cyber-Fir Essay

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Social Networking: Children Playing with Cyber-Fire ENG/102 August 28, 2011 Social technology in the last 10 years has put children in a hotbed of digital chaos that has grown faster than the protections to keep them safe. As children are given access to this technology, their callow social skills have brought the harsh reality of online dangers to a new level of ferocity; from cell phones to Facebook, peer-to-peer harassment is an epidemic that can tragically end in death. As the accessibility of social technology intensifies, the danger of online harassment for children is growing at unprecedented levels, calling for a change in the ineffective safeguards currently in place, but balancing crucial benefits for a child’s online interaction. From the parent opening a social network account for an underage child, to the preteen awarded with a new text phone, social technology has infiltrated children’s lives from as early as kindergarten. Innocently or maliciously, millions of adolescents are using social technology as their prime communication source. However, it is not all pleasantries and unlike generations past, when bullying was a rite of passage in schoolyards, social technology has created a new breed of unrelenting, unencumbered, and unbounded harassment. Without changes, social networking is allowing children to play with cyber-fire. The dangers children and adolescents face online, specifically with social technology, has been growing as the use of such technology becomes more common. Cyberbullying is an extreme form of online harassment that can ultimately lead to suicide in some cases, and is considered an epidemic by some researchers (Welker, 1020). Lesser dangers include muted social skills and depression for some adolescents. With the vast array of perils, pulling the plug on youth’s access to the medium would appear to be a clear

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