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Lovely Professional University Phagwara, Punjab Term Paper ON “Online Social Networking As Participatory Surveillance” Social Networking (CAP-533) SUBMITTED BY Devansh Sharma Roll No- RD1E25A07 Reg. No- 11204798 1 SUBMITTED TO Rahul Saha Sir (Faculty of Computer Applications) ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The experience that we have gathered during this Term Paper has been unique .For this we are pleased to express our deepest sense of gratitude and regards to our respected teacher Mr. Rahul Saha for their guidance, inspiration and constructive suggestions that helps us in the preparation of the term paper. I am also thankful to my classmate constant encouragement and support. 2 INDEX SL. NO. 1 2 3 Abstract CONTENTS PAGE NO. 4 5 6-8 Introduction The Practice of online social networking: space, place and time 4 5 Surveillance Discourses of Online Social Networking Participatory Surveillance 8-10 10-12 6 7 Conclusion Reference 12 12 3 ABSTRACT:In this Term Paper, I will explain that online social networking as surveillance practices. This gives us an opportunity to challenge conventional understandings of surveillance that often focus on control and disempowerment. In the context of online social networking, surveillance is something potentially empowering, subjectivity building and even playful, what I call participatory surveillance. In this topic I will use the concept of participatory surveillance to develop the social and playful aspects surveillance. I have broken down this term paper in three sections-1.) The practice of online social networking: space, place and time 2.) Surveillance discourses of online social networking 3.) Participatory surveillance. 4 INTRODUCTION:-In this term paper, I study online social networking as a practice based on participatory surveillance. My theoretical approach is

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