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Victoria Sansome LLD2 February 22, 2011 Social Networking v.s Society Today, it seems as if social networking (Myspace, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) are taking over society at a rapid rate. In the article, "Is Myspace Good for Society?" by, Martin Baily, he discusses the importance of social networking but also the harsh reality that comes with it. The author stresses how "effortless" it is to keep in touch with the important people in his life. In the past couple years, there has been a noticeable uprise of the use of social networking sites. Although all of these sites may make communicating with people easy, at the same time it's destroying our social skills in everyday one on one contact. We have to rely on sitting behind a screen to communicate with people. The author does believe social networking is beneficial, but sometimes it feels good to turn off the internet and socialize with people. It seems that social networking sites could bring about many disadvantages; wasting time, identity theft, and reducing face-to-face interaction, I believe their benefits; encouraging creative behavior, having a privacy setting, and improving worldwide interaction can outweigh those disadvantages, undoubtedly. I strongly disagree with this article, and Baily's point of view. Although I do respect the author's opinion, I do think that social networking is extremely important in a human's life. Social Networking not only keeps us in close contact with friends, family, and colleagues, but also allows us to keep up to date with their lives by just looking at the page. Also, Myspace and Facebook is an excellent way for parents to keep up to date information on their kid's social life, while also making sure that they are staying safe. When I was a freshman in high school, I was new to the whole social scene, and I thought by hanging out with the

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