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Be Supportive: When we least expect it, children are listening. Whether they seem mesmerized or distracted by the television, their iPods, or their cell phones our words, both positive and negative, stick. They will begin to model or try to become what they think you think of them. If your consistent message is "you are overweight and all you do is sit in front of the TV all day", then that is what they will eventually emulate. Positive reinforcement like, "You looked so fast running from the school bus to the front door today. I bet that's why you're doing so well in soccer," is a great way to stimulate the activity you would like to see more of. Obvious that you care about making a difference. The more you can learn about obesity for yourself, your friends, and your family, the more you can do to help stop it. Whether you are looking for new physical activities or games to play outside with the family, if it's trying some new, healthy recipes, or getting involved in community education, the more knowledge you have, the more you will be able to share. A recent study shows that obese children in grades three through six are more likely to be bullied than children of a normal weight. Teen suicide due to bullying - an absolutely horrifying thought - has tragically been in the news a great deal, raising awareness of the psychological impact of constant harassment. Now we discover that it begins at an early age, with overweight children as the primary target Parents today are often overworked and do not have time to wait for healthier food to be prepared or make the food themselves. Socioeconomic factors will often cause families to seek out the cheapest food options to save money. As a result, they will often choose fast food, which is less expensive than healthier options. As a result, children are increasingly seeking out fast food as their only source

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