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Social Networking Sites Do you know that over billion of people in different ages use social networking sites around the world? It is hard to think about life without any tools for communication. Obviously, blogs, posts and chatting increase quickly every second. In fact, social networking sites make the people close to each other and make them connected globally. In addition, they have changed our way of life incredibly. Furthermore, people used to use them in different fields for different purposes. Therefore, Social networking sites positively impact our life in three ways. First of all, online social networking sites can positively impact our life by making our life faster and easier. In fact, no one can deny that these social networking sites has changed and developed our life. Sometimes I want to know specific facts and information about something, but I do not have time to read many books or newspaper. So, I can ask experts on Twitter about what I need to know and get an immediate respond. Also, Social networking sites give me the opportunity to share my experience with my friends easily. For instance, when I want to teach my friends how to cook a delicious dish, I can send the description for this dish with pictures on Instagram easily without any need to call them, and I get their comment faster. Using social networking sites help people to find jobs that they want by chatting via social networking sites easily instead of travelling to each company. Also, I can get much news simply on Aljazeera's Facebook about the whole incidents in the world while I am sitting in my home. According to Metz, "The huge success of these media [social networking sites] darlings has sparked what some are calling a second dot- com boom." In addition, if I want to go for a vacation in a new country, I can ask about it in glance by using online social

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