Social Networking Essay

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SPEAKER A: MAIN SPEECH Social networking is one of the proof the development of technology. This social networking make this world become silence because everyone was communicate using social networking. So I agree that social networking sites have disrupted our lifestyle. What is social networking and lifestyle? The social networking sites is a platform to build social network or social relation among people for examples share interest, activities, background, or real life connection. Lifestyle is the typical way life of an individual, group or culture. Firstly the prove social networking sites have disrupted our lifestyle because it cause a person be anti-social because of the isolation. How this isolation happen? It happen when a person always preferred communicating behind a computer and busy spend their time in the virtual world. This will causes the lack of communication especially between family member and may become awkward when it comes to actually talking to someone. It seem to me that, when you lost in your electronic relationships then it may be less interaction among family member. The second reason is it disrupted our lifestyle can be seen through the relationship. It could be misunderstanding in a relationship such as husband and wife relationship. While busy with virtual friend they didn’t realize they were neglect their spouse. Their spouse will suspicion when their husband or wife if they spend a lot of their time with social networking sites. Then emergence the bickering, separate or divorce that will affect their family. SPEAKER B: REBUTTAL AND MAIN SPEEECH Thank you my opponent for your definition and explanation of social networking sites and lifestyle. But, I disagree completely with what you have presented just now. First, you said that people become anti social when they preferred to communicate by social networking sites like Facebook,

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