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Social networking can be using to do many different things. Social networking is a fast and effect way to communicate with people you might not have the chance to talk to otherwise. There are many different ways to use social networking like computers, cell phones and, other electronic devises. Social networking can help many people get jobs and make money. It can even help people from all over the world interact and learn new things. Social networking using computers is one of the fastest ways to communicate with people instantly without leaving your home. Websites like face book help people understand and use social networking on a daily bases. By using step by step instructions and programs like “friend finder” it is easier then ever to find just what you are looking for. Cell phones help communicating with people anywhere in the would without being confined to a house or building. By turning on cell phone and dialling a number or sending a text, it can be send instantly to anywhere in the would no matter where a person may be. Social networking is becoming easier by the devises that are being invented and soon the would will be a huge social network at just a blink of an eye. Getting jobs is hard because of all the work it takes to meet new people and find out what jobs are in demand. With social networking it is easier then ever to find the perfect job. By clicking a button there is a whole knew world of opportunists that would have never been thought of before. If a job is available across the world there is no way to find out who is qualified for it, but because of social networking. Cell phones internet and much more it is easy to talk to employers who are looking for workers who will be best fit for the job of choice. Making money and finding a job is much easier when the person has the whole world to explore rather then confined to there own town.

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