Social Networking Essay

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Nowadays people are becoming dependent on social networking sites during leisure time. Does it have any negative impact on our lives as a social being? Social networking is a modern tool of communication to keep touched with each other over internet. Some people may say that in many ways, social network has led to positive changes in the way people communicate and share information. In my opinion, people are not only wasting their valuable time by getting addicted to social networks but also experiencing negative consequences of social networking. In my starting point, the features of social networks offered a lot of interesting turns that can make a user continue to use social networking applications. They program these types of attractive characteristics for their own benefit and we fall into their trap. If we start using it, we can’t leave it easily. We are unable to stop taking it without incurring adverse effects. In addition, young people feel depressed as a direct result of something they have viewed on a social networking website. Young women are more likely to be negatively affected by posts, images or videos they have seen on social networks. Furthermore, many people have been victims of cyber bullying. More than one in seven admits that they have been bullied online, one in five says that they have witnessed more bullying online than in person. Many users of Facebook, Twitter, Myspace or other social networks have virtual taste of negative effects of social networking. Nevertheless, there are some people those who claim that social networking has made our communication easier. It increases the chance of building social relationships or friendships in cyberspace. As it is cheaper, students can discuss on studies over social networks. However, they fail to consider that every sweet has its sour. Social networking is not a secure way of communication and

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