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Social networking has changed how a lot of people look at the Internet and how they focus their time while online. Young people especially, who have grown up with the Internet and all the other technology out there, actually take all of it for granted. It’s not surprising then how the youth have taken to social networking with a resounding round of applause. This is not to say that we’ve seen the end of emails for communication, phones and letter writing, it just means that youth and adults alike have discovered yet another way to communicate with one another. The youth embrace the idea of social networking because not only does it allow people to communicate with those whom they already know, but it opens the door to a vast variety of different kids that they can meet through sharing their same interests through their social network. Social networks continue to be on the rise not just nationally but globally which in turns brings the world closer together, so to speak and this gives, especially the youth the opportunity to interact with others of their same age group yet have grown up in a different culture. Even email and cell phones have not been able to offer that, until the rise of smartphones with the correct type of apps added to their phones. With places like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace the interactive experience between “real” friends and “virtual” friends can even go mobile. For adults social networking is a way to stay in touch with family and friends they may never normally keep in touch with except for on holidays. It gives them an opportunity to enter into the world that their child knows and gives them the ability to be more aware of what their child might be doing online. In fact it might be a very important thing for parents to do, instead of non-involvement which could lead to perhaps trouble down the line for their children. It’s

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