Social Networking Essay

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tw Social Networking in Business With social networking your business is a lot easier How would our life be without social networking? once up on a time there was an Egyptian student call iyad he thought about starting his own business after his graduation from university he started to sell computer accessories and other stuffs ,but he needed more clients and customers to sell and get money ,he discovered that social networking is the stairs for his small business to grow and shine and used all types of social networking to increase his business and after one year of working using social networking he became one of the biggest business men in Egypt, and not only his shops and company sells computer accessories but sells all types of electronic devices. Social networking was once the domain of people looking for friendship on the internet, but savvy businesses have also begun to realize the value of linking up with others through the wide variety of networks that are springing up almost daily. They have learned to enjoy the ease with which they can keep in touch with clients, suppliers, and a host of others. In fact, there are now sites that cater specifically to businesses. Social networking benefits to business are many; here are just a few, and how they can help you. Social networking speeds up your business with low cost and the best advertising for your business. . The business you do in one day, using social networking you can do it in minutes Social networking may sound fluffy, but it can translate into real benefits for you and your company. William Baker, a professor of marketing at San Diego State University, surveyed 1,600 executives and found that firms that rely heavily on external social networks scored 24 percent higher on a measure of radical innovation than companies that don't. Online networks can

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