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(LB5214) – Current Business Issues Research Report Nuisance or Necessity: What Impact and Relevance does Social Networking have on Business Today? 15th May, 2012 Student Name: Alishya Avicia Carvalho Student ID: 12683058 Word Count: 3434 words (complete report) May 13, 2012 To The CEO Hanmer MSL - India Dear Sir, As requested, I am submitting the report on the Impact and influence Social Networking has had on our company and what all can be done to improve our strategies. The report is entitled The Networked World – Social Networking a Revolution! The purpose of this report is to inform you of our decisions with regards to social networking strategies we use for our company and for our respective clients. This report also recommends ways on how we can improvise on our strategies to benefit our business. Sincerely, Alishya Carvalho The Networked World – Social Networking a Revolution! Source: (Mercer, Love to know Social Networking) Prepared by Alishya Avicia Carvalho Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 2. Introduction to the Company – Hanmer MSL 3. Body * What is Social Networking? Its importance in the PR & Communication Industry * Impact of Social Networking on Hanmer MSL * Aspect 1; How has Social Networking benefited our business and why is it such a necessity to us? * Aspect 2; How do we use Social Networking for our clients in their business? 4. Conclusion 5. Recommendation & Implementation 6. Bibliography Executive Summary We are in the age of globalization where the world is becoming a smaller place to live in and Social Networking has become a potential means to relationship building and staying in touch. The different platforms of social networking have played a crucial role in bridging boundaries, bringing people closer at a common platform, meeting

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